Sunday, June 19, 2011

Homemade Lux - A father's post for father's day

When you say "midlife crisis" you immediately think of balding men with hairy chests sporting gold chains, luxury cars and models on their arms. In my world, my dad's midlife crisis has been nothing short of delicious. It started a simply with an interest in creating labaneh like we had had in Israel and into sausages, so that he could make my mom's favourite salami but without pork and from there the very natural step towards smoking.

In the beginning it went slowly slowly as he learned things from YouTube and the internet and then came The Food Network, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and suddenly we had BBQ sauces and dry rubs and all this led him to this forum, and all smokin' hell broke loose. If it could be smoked it was and trust me in their world, everything was fair game until proven otherwise and my dad took to it like a to water. 

So I decided to introduce you lot to my dad through one of his posts (He is so cute when he photographs his food that I am not even slightly annoyed but very amused by the fact that he is now doing exactly what he used to tease me for doing) Here he is Ladies and Gentleman (please excuse his English, it is his 3rd language after all):

First the results (sorry could not help my self)

it was Wednesday  i could not take it any i got a whole salmon i  fillet it and remove the bones.trimmed the belly and the side off the fish (don't throw )
In a cure  it go's(i love dill and pepper so i add in)  for 48 hours  then to ice bath 90 minutes
and to the frig for 36 hours.


It takes looooong time so we will do the cream cheese for the sandwich

you know the Pieces thet i trimmed i smoked it  in a aluminum pen for 3 hours  mix it with salt,pepper and
butter and i got a yummmmy spread.
OK it is ready now  in to the smoker it gos for 4 hours cold smoke
Now for the long 4 hours ............................................................................ OK it is finish


Yummmy Thanks AL

Al is SmokinAl, one of his forum buddies. You can find my dad and all his posts as africanmeat

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