Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fairview Camembert Promotion - Camembert & nutbutter springrolls with a fig, balsamic and honey dip

More and more companies are getting the idea that social media, such as Facebook, twitter and blogging, is the best way to expand the "word of mouth" side of marketing. Getting people to comment, retweet and blog your product for a chance to win a prize or fame is a great way to get your product out to as many people as possible while not spending too much money on the process. The best part of it is that bloggers like me get challenges and have fun.

Fairview is one of those genius companies. Not only do they make some of the most delicious cheeses and wines but they also cottoned on to us food bloggers loving a challenge. Here is how it works:
"We invited all South African food bloggers to submit their suggestions and recipe ideas to us, all of which needed to include our Fairview Camembert"

I decided to take ingredients that I always associate with stinky cheese. Nuts, honey, phyllo pastry and figs and turned them on their head.

What you need
1 round Fairview Camembert
1 packet mixed nuts
1 roll phyllo pastry
4 dried figs or 2 fresh figs
1 cup honey
½ cup water
4 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
olive oil

What to do
Preheat the grill. Cut the philo pastry into rectangles. Cut the Camembert into long pieces. Place the nuts in a food processor or pestle and mortar. Crush finely then add water slowly until you get a smooth paste. brush a teaspoon or 2 of paste into the corner of the philo, place a piece of camembert ontop. Fold the corners in and roll till tou have a small triangle left, place a little bit of nut butter on the corner to stick it shut. When done place spring rolls in baking dish. Mix a couple of tablespoons of olive oil with a little bit of honey. Brush the springrolls with the mixture. 

Seperately, place the figs in a food processor and blend well. heat the honey, water and vinegar in a pan and add the fig. Allow to come to the boil then take off the heat. Allow to cool throughly. Meanwhile place the springrolls under the grill until golden brown. 

Serve warm and gooey with the dipping sauce

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  1. Goodness, this looks delicious! I can see that my truffles are in for some fierce competition. :-)

  2. I jave had some weird thoughts about what I can put in Phyllo...this is a great idea, maybe I should withdraw my entry!!!

  3. That pool of gooey cheese is calling out to me. Nice recipe and great photo. :)

  4. These look delicious - what a fabulous idea, I can just imagine biting into one of those.....oozy deliciousness :o) xx

  5. Thanks ladies. All the entries look divine

  6. is this the winning recipe? It is, isn't it? how is it that I only saw these now? They look DIVINE! and SUCH cheeseslut heaven!

  7. hehe yes it is. You are forgiven as you were in the midsts of wedding madness :)

    Well you get to try them in 2 weeks :)