Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Taking inspiration

As I mentioned on Friday, when you read Marisa's blog you just HAVE TO make the food she shows in it. A couple of weeks ago, the urge was greater than my willpower and so I set off to make these cupcakes. Mistakingly I didn't check my fridge where I was sure I had a tub of cream cheese and so baked the cupcakes and then discovered that I didn't have a tub of cream cheese in the fridge.

The next day I set out to buy all the ingredients I needed and decided I was too lazy to ice individual cupcakes and with that the cake above was born. The recipe is here I only changed a few small things. The good strong coffee I have is from Israel and has cardamom in it so the flavour was probably slightly different and of course, I did it in a spring-form tin :)

I think I took the cake out about 5 minutes too early so it came out very dense and rich, although that didn't stop my guests from devouring it :)


  1. Love this! And your coffee with cardamom sounds divine...

  2. If I ever have the pleasure of meeting you I will supply you with some :)