Monday, November 23, 2009

Welcome to my taste sensation

Add to taste started its life here on food24's blogosphere. I had many years of happy blogging there and met some incredible people. Unfortunately I learnt that if I publish any reviews there IOL or any of the other newspaper companies wont use them because they are on a Media24 site.

Add to taste started as a place for me to write down what I cook and how so that next time I want to repeat it I have somewhere to look. Then people started reading it and commenting and it became a place to share ideas. My love for food and cooking has been nourished over time and soon I was writing reviews there too.

I want to continue to do my food writing and so I have started this new blog.

I am not precious about my recipes or my ideas. My grandfather used to say "On taste and smell you dont argue" everyone has their own ideas of what is good and what isn't and I am willing and wanting to hear other opinions on restaurants I visit, whether my recipes worked for you or not and suggestions on what or where I should try next.

I leave you with my first ever paid review :)


  1. Welcome to the Blogger family. I am still here after many years of blogging....everytime I think I should leave the nest....I get cold feet!!!

  2. You go girl - check out the paid review! Welcome to the big wide world outside Media24 :) I've amended your link on the SA Food & Wine Blog Directory as well.

  3. Thank you. The new year has started and its time to start blogging again. I have all sorts of yummy things lined up and waiting :)